Are expensive labels, pre-printed boxes or wasted ink driving up your production costs?.

When it comes to printing barcodes, logos, text or dates onto corrugated or chipboard boxes - the Linx large character Case Coders are unmatched in ink usage efficiency. The Linx IJ series Case Coder innovative ReFRESH® system proactively maintains print quality while insuring every drop of purged ink is recycled back into the case printer's reservoir. With this feature, more boxes are coded per canister of ink thus reducing operational costs.

Case Coding

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Case Coding

    Linx IJ355 Industrial Case Coder
  • Patented ReFRESH system
  • Unique enclosed printhead
  • Detachable display unit
  • Printhead - (180 dpi – 7 dots/mm) - 53 mm (2.1”)
  • Print area - 53 mm (H) x 2000 mm (L)
  • Print distance - (distance from printer face) 0.5 – 5.0 mm
  • Character height range - 1.4 mm to 53 mm
  • Cable length between printer and display unit - 1 m (standard) 3 m (option)
  • Printer orientation - Horizontal (printing onto vertical substrates)